Freezing Clues

It is recommended that red meat is frozen by previously removing fat and bones whenever possible. Poultry must be cleaned with entrails separately wrapped. Fish must be frozen with no scales or entrails.
If frozen and then defrosted fish was bought, it is necessary to cook it before freezing again. Sea food must be frozen without shells and cleaned.
Vegetables can be frozen if they had been cleaned and peeled and blanched if necessary.
Fruits can be frozen with or without seed, cooked or uncooked. It is suitable to boil very watery fruits before freezing. Dairy products (except yoghurt), pasta and pastries can be frozen cooked or uncooked with sauces or preparations.
Heavy cream must be whipped before freezing.
When food is in the freezer bag, it is necessary to remove the air and close it tightly, indicating type of food and freezing date. If sticky food is frozen, as hamburgers, veal cutlets, fish fillets, etc., they must be separated with freezer dividers. Dividers must be made of virgin polythene (because of the hygienic reasons previously explained), high density and thickness, to prevent food ripping when taking the portions out to be defrosted.

How to use freezers?

Freezers must be kept as full as possible (at least a third part of its capacity) to avoid air presence, therefore, it is advised to freeze different kind of foods at the same time. Food that require less temperature such as meat, poultry, etc., must be put below the others, because cold will go to the bottom of the compartment. Cleaning frequency will depend on opening frequency, although it is convenient to clean the freezer at least once a year, taking advantage of the moment when it has less food inside.
To defrost and clean the freezer, put water to boil. Switch off the freezer and put its contents on the counter. Then put a thick towel on the freezer’s floor and pour boiling water over each freezer shelve, then, close the freezer’s door immediately. After about fifteen minutes clean the entire compartment and finally switch the freezer on to start the freezing process again.
If light goes off, do not open the freezer’s door. Food will be preserved in good condition during the first 24 hours, if you have to wait for more time, please verify carefully food flavour and texture.

How to defrost?

Some foods do not need to be defrosted to be cooked. Steaks and hamburgers can be cooked over a pre heated grill. Cutlets can be fried or roasted even frozen. Some food can be directly taken from freezer to oven. However, It is convenient to defrost food first, putting it aside on the counter, by using a microwave or submerging the freezer bag into hot water, trying to avoid touching the dry superior side of the pan. Before putting food inside the microwave it’s recommended to prick the bag making evaporation easier.
When food is defrosted decomposition process is faster, so do not refreeze food if a new cooking process has not been done first. For example, defrosted cooked cutlets can not be frozen again; defrosted uncooked cutlets must be cooked and frozen again.