Our company was created in order to give the person who interacts primarily at home and in the kitchen, cooking a facility both as to freeze, which is why their products using special materials and specially selected to meet the objective searched.
In the market there are plenty of manufacturers, many of them do within a plant qualified to do so, with the control of the relevant and material for food, which is why there is so much variety in presentations and prices .
When a food is wrong packaging or using a poor quality bag to carry the freezer, it loses nutritional value and flavor that they are volatilized as the cold, dry air from the freezer extracts moisture from food.
The variety of products that account FROZEN’S ® brand makes every day more consumers choose us throughout our country, and we are negotiating with countries on the continent that are interested in them.
We hope you try our products and if you suggest something new, a change or criticism, do so because through it we can grow and improve, so we have in all our packaging our address and phone. His criticisms and / or suggestions are welcome.


Sincerely The Management